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Seek First Jesus’ Righteousness


Today I am reading day 3 of Joseph Prince: Understanding Righteousness:

Seek First Jesus’ Righteousness

God wants you conscious of your everlasting righteousness in Christ. He wants you to be established in what Jesus has done for you. So I encourage you to take some time each day to get this revelation of your righteousness in Christ deep into your spirit.

How do you do this? You hear and feed on teachings that reveal Jesus and the gift of His righteousness through faith in His finished work. You meditate on your righteousness in Christ and declare it every day. It will put courage in your heart and bring an unshakable peace to your soul. It will energize your faith when you pray and give you a confident expectation to receive good things from your heavenly Father.

I believe that’s why our heavenly Father, in knowing the things that we need daily, tells us not to worry about them. What are we supposed to do then? We are to seek first “His Jesus’ righteousness”—the righteousness that He has given us—and all the things that we need will be added to us.

Beloved, when you know that your right standing with God always puts Him on your side, every fear will melt away like butter on a hot day. For if God is for you, who or what can successfully prevail against you?



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