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Jesus Is Your Wisdom


Today I am reading day 2 of Joseph Prince: Pursue God’s Wisdom:

Jesus Is Your Wisdom

God wants you to walk in His wisdom. The good news is that God already gave you wisdom when He gave you JESUS. The Bible tells us that Jesus “became for us wisdom from God.” So all the wisdom you need in life already resides in you because Christ is in you by His Spirit.

Because Jesus is your wisdom, I encourage you to learn to take Him as your wisdom in every situation. If you are facing a challenge at work and you don’t know how to resolve it, look to Jesus. Tell Him, “Jesus, YOU are my wisdom. I thank You that You will provide me with the best solution.” If you have a wayward child, tell Him, “Jesus, thank You for wisdom in loving and raising this child well.”

Beloved, as a child of God, you are most blessed to have Jesus, in whom resides all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Take Him as your wisdom every day and watch Him guide you into good success in all that you do!



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