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Daily Devotional, Joseph Prince, Relationship, Spirit & Soul

Always Involve Jesus


Today I am reading day 3 of Joseph Prince: Pursue God’s Wisdom:

Always Involve Jesus

You don’t need miracles when you are consistently walking in God’s wisdom. In other words, when you walk in His wisdom, you won’t be surviving from one bailout to another because you won’t be making bad decisions that get you into trouble every now and then.

My friend, before you make a career move, start a new business, or make a significant purchase or investment, involve Jesus. Don’t exclude the Lord. He is your wisdom and He knows everything. He knows all the hidden clauses and He knows what’s going to happen in the future.

If someone pressurizes you to sign an agreement because the offer is “only valid for today,” take a step back. Don’t make a hasty decision. Wait upon the Lord. Be prepared to walk away from this “great opportunity” if you don’t sense His peace and wisdom leading you to sign the agreement.

Beloved, learning how to flow with Jesus your wisdom will save you money, time and tears!



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