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It’s Time To Change Your Believing


Today I am reading day 3 of Joseph Prince: Walking in God’s Favor:

It’s Time To Change Your Believing

I’m too young. I’m too old. I don’t have the relevant experience. They’re hiring only college graduates.

If you’re looking for a job and your mind is gripped by such thoughts, then you’re already defeated by your thoughts before you even step out to look for a job.

It’s time to change your believing!

A lady in her mid-fifties in my congregation, after hearing me share on this, changed her believing. She decided to put her trust in the Lord’s unmerited favor, got her résumé ready and sent it out by faith. That very week, she was called for interviews by two different companies, which led to two job offers! She picked one and has been gainfully employed.

Beloved, as God’s child, you are His heir and a joint heir with Christ. This means that you have the same unclouded favor that Jesus has. So step out in faith and expect His favor to open doors for you and give you the job or breakthrough you desire, regardless of your natural limitations!



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