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By Jesus’ Stripes You Are Healed!


Join me in reading Joseph Prince: Receiving God’s Healing:

By Jesus’ Stripes You Are Healed!

Isaiah chapter 53 is proof forevermore of Jesus’ love for you and His desire for you to be healthy and whole.

How important is your health and wholeness to Him? It’s so important that He Himself paid the heavy price for you to be able to live healthy and whole.

When Mel Gibson’s The Passion Of The Christ was released, people complained that the scene in which Jesus was scourged for our healing was too graphic and violent. The truth is that it portrayed only a fraction of what our Lord really suffered.

He was actually scourged violently beyond human recognition by the Roman torture equipment. His flesh was shredded to the point His bones were exposed, starkly white amidst the blood and torn muscles.

He bore the stripes so that we don’t have to. His body was broken so that ours can be whole. And by His stripes, we have been healed!

Beloved, instead of focusing on the negative health report from your doctor, focus on the heavenly report that by Jesus’ stripes you are healed. Believe it in your heart. Declare it with your mouth. And begin to experience it in your body!



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